The #WeBall4Destin Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, founded by Mariel Cooper, current member of NFL. The #WeBall4Destin Foundation awards the Destin Wise Scholarship each year to a High-School (Senior), which also incorporates a mentoring program as well as career development program. 

Our Mission

To help improve the overall education, career development and health and wellness of young, male and female athletes by using sports as a catalyst. We are looking to improve overall study habits, testing performances, community involvement, in addition, the overall mental and physical wellness of the youth in the community.


The #WeBall4Destin Foundation goal is to build a multi-purpose facility which will include an indoor football field, basketball court, weight-room, classrooms and offices. The facility will provide After School Programs, Summer Programs, Mentoring Programs, Career Center, Career Fairs, Daycare, Tutoring, Counseling, Mentoring, Physical Training, Personal Training, Athletic Recruiting Assistance and it will also host the Annual “Do It BIG” 7on7 each year. 


sports facility_scene-6 (1).jpg

#WeBall4Destin Foundation is bigger than the game of football because not only did Destin love the game of football, more importantly, he also cherished his relationship with God, family and friends.  We always talked about giving back and providing an opportunity for spiritual, mental and physical growth for the youth within the community.  This is my opportunity to ignite our vision and fulfill a brother promise.